About the Forum

About the Forum

The Global Supply Chain Finance Forum was established in January 2014, as an initiative of these industry associations, to address what has been recognised as a need to develop, publish and champion a set of commonly agreed standard market definitions for Supply Chain Finance and for SCF-related techniques.

Meet the Members

The Forum members have confirmed their support for these standard market definitions which are now recommended to the wider stakeholder community for adoption. The Forum is widely representative and inclusive, with bank and non-bank contributors, from five continents and from the four major industry associations forming the Forum membership. The International Factors Group, one of the original sponsoring associations is now integrated with FCI.


BAFT is the leading international transaction banking association, providing advocacy, thought leadership, education and training, and a global forum for its members in the areas of trade finance, payments, compliance, and regulations. Formed by the merger of the Bankers Association for Finance and Trade (BAFT) and the International Financial Services Association (IFSA), BAFT has played a unique role in expanding markets, shaping regulatory and legislative policy, developing business solutions and preserving the safety and soundness of the global financial system for over 85 years.


The Euro Banking Association (EBA) is a practitioners’ body for banks and other service providers supporting a pan-European vision for payments. The mission of the EBA is to provide payment professionals with a country-neutral forum for driving and contributing to the delivery of pan-European co-operative payment initiatives and business practices. The EBA membership includes over 180 institutions from across Europe and beyond.


FCI is the Global Representative Body for Factoring and Financing of Open Account Domestic and International Trade Receivables. With more than 400 member companies in 90 countries FCI offers a unique network for cooperation in cross-border factoring.


Everything we do at ICC aims to promote international trade and investment as vehicles for inclusive growth and prosperity. From resolving disputes when they arise in international commerce to supporting global efforts to streamline customs and border procedures, we support multilateralism as the best way to address global challenges and reach global goals.


The International Trade and Forfaiting Association. Founded in 1999, and with members all over the world, the ITFA brings together banks and financial institutions who are engaged in originating and distributing trade related risk and finding creative ways to mitigate threats. Expanding from its original focus on the purchase and discounting of simple but robust payment instruments, such as negotiable instruments and letters of credit, the forfaiting industry has embraced new instruments and created new structures to become a prominent part of supply chain finance. The ITFA acts as a valuable forum for its members to interact and transact business together profitably and safely.